The Burger King is also called as BK, which is an international fast food chain that normally seen competing very strongly against the McDonalds. In fact, their menu of fast food is quite big, but the prices of Burger King are usually costlier than the competitors. At present, the Burger King has more than 12, 000 fast food restaurants across 70 countries in all over the globe. Many of these restaurants are privately-owned via a merchandising system. Even though, the burger king gas emerged over the years and still can be considered to be on the top edge of a band. When you check the main menu, there is a combo meal available that comes with small drinks and small fries as well. Below are the lists of Burger King Dollar menu and prices that include:

Whopper - $4.19

Double whopper - $5.29

Whopper- meal - $6.49

Double whopper- meal - $7.59

Bacon & cheese whopper- meal - $7.49

Bacon & cheese whopper- $5.19

A1 ultimate bacon cheeseburger- $6.29

Original chicken sandwich- $4.09

Chicken nuggets- meal- $5.99

Big fish sandwich- $3.99

Overall, the burger kind prices are very much higher, but the quality is awesome at the same time. When you are searching for the burger king menu, you can simply do some research and find some of the best items to go for based on your needs.

Latest Prices of Burger King Dollar Menu

The Burger King is providing a wide array of items at affordable prices and also quick revenue to the people on the go off. The special thing about this restaurant is serving delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and also desserts with an ultimately cost-effective worth menu. Their main specialty is burgers and also offers shakes, coffee, salads and chicken sandwiches as well as a bigger selection on their kids menu. You can also expect to receive your ordered item without even waiting for a long time, except during the busy hours. Once you visit this restaurant, there are wider choices of food out there to select from and then sitting as well as eating your favorite meals as like in your home. Therefore, the burger king works at your tempo.


What’s Specialty in Burger King Menu ?

The great thing about burger king is providing a wide array of choices at affordable rates. The specialty in burger king menu is famous cheeseburger. Even some of the items on burger king dollar menu will cost only a small amount. In addition to, some of the most popular menu items in the burger king are including sandwiches, hamburgers, grilled burgers, chicken sandwiches, desserts, milk shakes, desserts and other breakfast items and more.


Apart from that, the Burger King Dollar menu and prices are also providing an excellent saving to the consumers with different items from the burger king menu available. Being able to buy an item from this amazing fast food restaurant, you can save at least one dollar for each order, so it is very attractive to see the dollar menu of burger king.